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Your Top 10 Questions

Your Top 10 Questions

You asked. We answered.
Find out the answers to your burning questions.

Do you have vegetarian options?

Currently, we do not have vegetarian burgers or breakfast McMuffins – but would be happy to customise orders without meat (i.e. no beef/chicken/fish). There are some side items that would suit vegetarians, such as French Fries and Hash Browns cooked in Canola Blend Oil, Corn Cup and Apple Slices.

Where does McDonald’s® source its coffee?

We’re proud to say that every cup of coffee we serve is 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™. Our Arabica beans are responsibly sourced from Brazil, El Salvador and Colombia, so you can feel good about a cuppa that tastes just as good! 

What type of fish do you use in the Filet-O-Fish®? Is there half a slice or a full slice of cheese in the Filet-O-Fish®?

Our best-loved Filet-O-Fish® is made with Pollock fish caught wild from the Bering Sea by sustainable fisheries and has always been served with half a slice of cheese rather than a whole slice. Sometimes, less is more!

Are your eggs real?

We only use fresh eggs for our Egg McMuffin® and Sausage McMuffin with Egg®.

Where do you get your beef from?

Our beef is sourced from Australia and New Zealand. In our Signature Collection, we use 100% Angus beef patties in the Original Angus Cheeseburger and Angus BLT.

Do you use real apples in your Apple Pies?

We use real diced apples for our Apple Pies! The exact variety can vary occasionally, but we look for apples that are sweet and slightly tart.

Are McDonald’s® fries made with real potatoes? Why do they look so perfect?

Our world-famous French Fries are made with non-GMO, Premium Russet Burbank variety potatoes! Fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside – perfect is certainly right!

Are Chicken McNuggets® made with real chicken?

Be rest assured that our Chicken McNuggets® are made from chickens raised on hormone-free feed. We use 100% white meat for our all-time favourite McNuggets!

What type of oil do you use for frying?

We use Canola Blend oil to fry our products in our restaurants.  

Is the food served at all Singapore McDonald’s® restaurants certified Halal?

Yes, all McDonald's restaurants in Singapore are Halal-certified by MUIS (The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore). The regulatory body approved McDonald's food for consumption by Muslims in 1992.

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