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McDonald’s® Cares

McDonald’s Cares

Caring for our community is what makes us McDonald’s. 

In October 2011, we launched McDonald’s Cares – an employee volunteerism platform to give back to the communities and families whom we hold close to our hearts.

Each year, our employees from our restaurants and head office become happy volunteers on McDonald’s Cares Community Day, reaching out to various communities with initiatives that bring joy and smiles to disadvantaged children and the elderly in our community.

Here are our recent community outreach activities:

Bringing Storytelling  to Children in the Community

Bringing Storytelling to Children in the Community

A collaboration between McDonald’s Cares and NLB’s WondeRead initiative, to bring the gift of books and storytelling to children in the community. Some of McDonald’s employees trained up as storytellers and brought the stories to life in the form of skits. These special performances were our gift to the children across a few family centres in Singapore. We would like to believe the residual impact of our outreach would encourage children to read and be intrigued by the world that books open their eyes to. Most of all, the children themselves expressed their desire for volunteers from McDonald’s to come back again to enthrall them with storytelling.

Bringing Fun Activities  to Children in the Community

Bringing Fun Activities to Children in the Community

We went out to six different charitable organisations on a single day. Engaging with the children through fun games and art & craft activities, we realised the simple act of human connection could mean so much to those around us.