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Revamped McDonald’s® at West Coast Park with a modern and contemporary look

McDonald’s® ups the ante with a new, holistic family experience

Revamped West Coast Park restaurant is the latest to introduce Guest Experience Leaders and Family
Ambassadors dedicated to serving families, as part of a new hospitality culture

SINGAPORE, 14 June 2019 –The fully revamped McDonald’s West Coast Park restaurant re-opens with a brand new experience catered for families to connect and bond over their favourite meals. This latest addition marks a milestone in McDonald’s ongoing journey to elevating the dining experience for families and customers in its restaurants islandwide – one that is shaped by a warm hospitality culture, elements of digital technology and uplifting restaurant design.

The overhauled flagship family restaurant now welcomes customers with a devoted team of Guest Experience Leaders and Family Ambassadors, and is fully equipped with Self-Ordering Kiosks to facilitate the ordering process, a children’s play zone, and a photo deck featuring the iconic Ronald McDonald shoes for instagrammable photo moments. The restaurant also boasts the largest party room that seats up to 60 people.

“As a family restaurant destination for 40 years, we are making progressive moves to make every family visit a fun and memorable one with a new level of hospitality 
and engagement,” said Linda Ming, Director, Brand Communications and Customer Care, McDonald’s Singapore.
“We know family time is precious, and we want to give families time to bond during each visit. Our Guest Experience Leaders and Family Ambassadors are trained to make every family feel at home the moment they step into our restaurants – from seating them to table service to engaging the kids with craft and educational activities. 
On special occasions, they might catch Ronald McDonald at a storytelling session too!”

A dining experience filled with dedicated service and fun, educational moments

Guest Experience Leader engaging families with table service
Guest Experience Leader engaging families with table service

First introduced at McDonald’s Marine Cove in 2017, Guest Experience Leaders are a group of passionate individuals dedicated to hospitality and taking care of families’ needs. From welcoming them at the door to guiding them to place menu orders at the Self-Ordering Kiosks to getting them seated and serving food to their tables, 
Guest Experience Leaders - together with Family Ambassadors - make it easier for parents to spend quality time with their children. 

Today, the team of Guest Experience Leaders have grown to almost 200-strong across over 100 restaurants and are joined by about 100 Family Ambassadors whose role 
is to connect with families and engage children in craft activities for a meaningful dining experience. 

“What inspires me most is getting to know these families better and making a difference to their day. Be it talking to them or remembering their names and preferences, 
it’s all about serving from our heart and placing their needs above all others,” said Juliana Binte Mohamad Shariff, 40, Guest Experience Leader. 

Ronald McDonald and a Family Ambassador conducting a storytelling session
Ronald McDonald and a Family Ambassador conducting a storytelling session

Part of the family experience also includes educational initiatives like weekly storytelling sessions at selected restaurants for families to enjoy an immersive 
and interactive storytelling experience, complete with engaging hands-on activities led by Guest Experience Leaders and Family Ambassadors. These storytelling sessions feature The Tree Top Twins Adventures, a 12-book series written by Cressida Cowell, exclusively for McDonald’s Happy Meal Readers Programme aimed 
at fostering a passion of reading amongst children.