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A: We conduct at least 72 safety checks and procedures in our restaurants. eg. we use different coloured gloves when handling raw and cooked foods and take temperatures of products and equipment at least twice a day.
A: From the farms and oceans to our counters, we are renowned for upholding one of the highest food safety and quality standards in the world. In addition, on a daily basis, every restaurant conducts at least 72 safety checks.
A: The grills are cleaned after every use. In addition, every 24 hours, the grill will be shut down and thoroughly cleaned.
A: Our oil is checked and filtered daily, and changed at regular intervals depending on the volume of the restaurant. Oil is checked regularly to ensure the quality of food cooked is not compromised.
A: We use a blend of white and dark meat in McChicken. 100% white meat is used in our Spicy Chicken Strips.
A: The Grade AA, lower cholesterol eggs we use are sourced locally. All eggs are washed, sanitised and oiled before reaching our restaurants.
A: Our used oil is collected and sold to AVA / NEA-approved recycling companies to be recycled into other products such as soap.
A: Yes, all McDonald's restaurants in Singapore received Halal certification from MUIS (The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore). The regulatory body approved McDonald's food for consumption by Muslims in 1992.
A: Many of the items we serve at McDonald's are from the same trusted brands you might find in the supermarket. We will only purchase from trusted sources from around the world.
A: Our cold desserts use milk-based solids and include vegetable oil.
A: You may ask for more veggies, at no extra cost or pay just $1 to add some crunchy Apple Slices to your Extra Value Meal. Now you can also swap the French fries in your meal for a nutritious corn cup at no extra charge.
A: The French Fries and Hashbrowns served at McDonald's Singapore are suitable for vegetarians. Likewise our Corn Cup and Apple Slices. We also gladly accommodate requests for customised orders without meat (eg. without beef, chicken or fish).
A: Yes, McDonald's Singapore uses only 100% vegetable oil with no trans-fat* to cook our world-famous french fries – they do not contain wheat, gluten or beef extract, and are hence suitable for vegetarians. *<0.5g per 100g as per the Health Promotion Board's guidelines
A: We use only 100% vegetable oil (palm-olein) with no trans-fat *<0.5g per 100g as per Health Promotion Board's guidelines
A: No, we do not add MSG to our food except for small amounts in our sausages, curry sauce and McSpicy.
A: The "it's what i eat and what i do" theme is part of McDonald's ongoing commitment to inspire people to live balanced, active lifestyles. The theme captures the message that people should strive to find their own level of energy balance. Achieving energy balance means eating roughly the same number of calories that you use up throughout the day. To put it simply, Energy IN should be equal to Energy OUT. Energy IN refers to the food that you eat every day, including meals, snacks and beverages. Energy OUT is the amount of energy you use when you walk, exercise, work and play and what your body uses for living (e.g., to keep your heart pumping, lungs breathing and blood circulating). When you maintain energy balance, your Energy IN is about the same as your Energy OUT. Your weight stays steady and your well-being improves. When energy IN is greater than Energy OUT, weight is likely to be gained. Conversely, when Energy IN is less than Energy OUT, weight loss may be the result.
A: Yes. McDonald's Happy Meals can be part of a well-balanced diet for kids. In fact, kids' meals at McDonald's offer age-appropriate portion sizes and contain at least nine important nutrients that growing kids need, including calcium, iron, zinc, B vitamins, vitamin C, and other vitamins and minerals (according to the US Food and Drug Administration), depending on choices made. McDonald's Singapore offers mix 'N' match Happy Meals which allows Mums to create a balanced meal for their children simply by choosing an entrée, a side and drink from a wide range of wholesome choices available. And at no extra cost too. Corn Cup and Apple Slices are some of the choices introduced recently. By offering greater choice, we aim to help children eat balanced meals, while encouraging the right balance between calories consumed and energy expended through physical activity. Learn more about McDonald's philosophy on food quality.
A: Only Vitamin C is added to our Apple Slices to act as a preservative. No other preservative is used.
A: We are always looking at ways to make things better, and this year we introduced our new Salad Chicken McGrill featuring 100% grilled chicken thigh served on a bed of fresh vegetables with low-fat Thousand Islands dressing.
A: Yes. Many nutrition professionals agree that McDonald's food can be part of a healthy eating style based on the sound nutrition principles of balance, variety and moderation. One key to a healthy diet is to moderate, not eliminate, favourite foods because eliminating foods is rarely successful in the long term. It is important to eat a balanced diet over time, rather than focusing on any one food or meal. McDonald's varied menu and range of serving sizes make it easy to fit our food into a balanced diet and to create a range of meal combinations that fall within recommended guidelines for calories, fat and other nutrients. Customers can gain easy access to nutritional information on our food via this website, in-restaurant traymats and leaflets.
A: The Party Hostess will usually start off with games for about 30 minutes. Food will be served thereafter, followed by birthday cake-cutting. Finally, presents are given out to the birthday child and all guests.
A: We've taken the fuss out of running a child's birthday party. Our specially-trained Party Hostesses will run the party as you relax and enjoy yourself.
A: The standard package party will last for about 1 ½ hours.
A: Yes, all invited children will receive surprise gifts. There will also be game prizes to be won too.
A: There are no age restrictions. Yes, adults are welcome to throw parties at McDonald's. Adults can be kids again and experience the same games, activities and gifts as kids do!
A: A minimum booking of 15 guests is required. The size of group may be limited by party venue. Our Restaurant Managers can help you in this respect.
A: You may choose to bring your own birthday cake and consume it within our restaurant premise as long as it is certified Halal. However, we do not allow outside food to be kept in our storage facility due to food safety reasons.
A: The Ronald McDonald birthday cake is available for order at $26.00 for all McDonald’s birthday party customers – indoor or take-away. The Ronald McDonald birthday cake is a 700-gram chocolate fudge cake. The “Happy Birthday” sign is hand drawn in chocolate while the balloons and image of Ronald McDonald are printed on white chocolate. Everything on the cake is 100% edible.
A: Cost per invitee is provided below. A minimum booking of 15 guests is required.

Indoor Party*
From $12.00 per child, conducted at selected McDonald’s restaurants

Takeaway Party*
From $11.00 per child, 2-way transport charges to be borne by customer if delivery is required

* The standard party package applies to these options as well as a $30.00 (for both Indoor and Takeaway Party) non-refundable deposit is required upon confirmation of booking.
A: All party packages include:
• Choice of Happy Meals
• Party invitation cards
• Party Hats
• An exclusive present for the birthday celebrant
• Gifts for invited guests
• Game prizes
• A Party Hostess to conduct the party and organise games (not applicable for takeaway parties)
A: You'll need to decide where you would like the party to be held or if you would like a Takeaway Party to celebrate on your own. Next, approach a Restaurant Manager at our participating Birthday Party restaurants to make your party booking. It's that simple.
A: Gift Certificates come in $10 booklets consisting of ten $1 coupons that work just like cash at any McDonald’s restaurant. They are valid for 1 year from the date of issue. Purchase of gift certificates is only available at our head office at 10 Kallang Avenue, #04-10 Aperia Tower 2, Singapore 339510. For purchases below $300, you may walk-in and purchase the gift certificates at our reception counter. Only cash payment is accepted. For purchases above $300 and queries on other payment modes, please contact us at 6462 0800 for clarification and advance bookings.
A: Gift Certificates come in $10 booklets consisting of ten $1 coupons that work just like cash at any McDonald’s restaurant. They are valid for 1 year from the date of issue. Purchase of gift certificates is only available at our head office at 10 Kallang Avenue, #04-10 Aperia Tower 2, Singapore 339510. For purchases below $300, you may walk-in and purchase the gift certificates at our reception counter. Only cash payment is accepted. For purchases above $300 and queries on other payment modes, please contact us at 6462 0800 for clarification and advance bookings.
A: Only credit card payments through Visa, Mastercard or JCB are accepted. We currently do not accept American Express Cards for payment.
A: McDonald’s Singapore is wholly owned by McDonald's Corporation in Oak Brook, USA – and is not available for local franchising. For franchising opportunities in other countries, you may like to visit
A: All restaurants in McDonald's Singapore provide free Wi-Fi service. However, you will need an account with the Internet Service Provider. You may click on the following link for more information: For registration, please click on the following link: For further enquiries or problems encountered with the website, you may check with the host at: Customer Service, Help Desk and Technical Support Hotline – 6655-5577 9:00am to 9:00pm (Monday to Sunday) Or Email them at -
A: Please visit our “Join Us” page to view the list of available positions and submit an online application to us. Shortlisted candidates will be notified.
A: We would like to share that not all our 24 hours stores are equipped with television sets. Selected stores screen the English Premier league matches from MIO channel 102 and 111. Please click on this link to see the stores which feature live soccer matches.
A: It is free seating in all our restaurants. As such, we are unable to cordon off an area or reserve tables for customers. You may wish to contact the store concerned directly to enquire on what peak periods to avoid and if they can assist you in any other way.
A: Thank you for your interest. Please check our Singapore website ( and Facebook page for information on our latest promotions.
A: To find out more about birthday party locations, prices and details, please click on this link. Please contact the birthday party store directly to make further queries and bookings.
A: Please click on our “Locate us” tab. You will be able to find the contact details of our stores. You may wish to contact your preferred store directly to enquire on the availability of the toys.
A: No, McCafe items are not available through McDelivery.
A: Your order is important to us and we aim to fulfill all orders in a timely manner. There may be times when we are unable to accept an order due to unforeseen circumstances such as overwhelming demand or bad weather conditions. In such cases, we seek your kind understanding that we may have to decline your order so as to ensure the quality of the food that is served.
A: We appreciate Singaporeans’ love for McDonald’s curry sauce. Developed as a condiment for our Chicken McNuggets, the blend is unique to Singapore. Unfortunately, the situation at USA West Coast ports has prevented our product from USA from reaching Singapore and we are unable to source for the same product from any McDonald’s approved producing countries outside of the USA. Hence, the product will be temporarily out of stock. For more information, please refer to (link).
A: Weekdays Availability Breakfast menu hours: 4am - 11am Regular menu hours: 11am - 4am Weekends & Public Holidays Availability Breakfast menu hours: 4am - 12pm Regular menu hours: 12pm - 4am
A: Please click on our “Locate us” tab. You will be able to find the details of each store.