Savour the satisfaction of good food and great value.

For just $5, you can now enjoy a wider selection of Extra Value Meal items, which includes the new Chilli Lime Fish Burger and Chicken BLT Burger. Available for a limited time only. It’s Everyday Value, For Everyone!


Chilli Lime Fish Burger

Tangy, spicy and savoury. The new Chilli Lime Fish burger features a flaky fish fillet, romaine lettuce and spicy kaffir lime flavoured mayonnaise sitting atop half a slice of cheese, in between tender steamed buns.

Allergen information: Chilli Lime Fish Burger contains egg, fish, milk, soybean, wheat and gluten.

Chicken BLT Burger

A mouth-watering combination of two classic favourites. Tender chicken patty, crispy chicken bacon and a slice of tomato, on a bed of romaine lettuce. Topped with a dollop of McChicken® sauce, all between toasted sesame buns.

Allergen information: Chicken BLT Burger contains egg, milk, soybean, wheat, gluten, sulfites and MSG.


The catch of the day is sure a great catch at McDonald’s®. A fish fillet, topped with tangy tartar sauce and half a slice of cheese between tender steamed buns is simply pure ocean heaven.

Allergen information: Filet-O-Fish® contains eggs, fish, milk, soybeans, wheat, and gluten.


Two 100% beef patties simply seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper, sandwiched between a slice of melty American cheese, tangy pickles, minced onions, ketchup, mustard, and toasted buns.

Allergen information: McDouble® contains milk, soybeans, wheat, and gluten.


An evergreen favourite, McChicken® has been winning fans with its wholesome great taste – crisp, tender chicken patties layered with shredded lettuce, plus just the right touch of mayo in a soft sesame bun. Just classic.

Allergen information: McChicken® contains eggs, soybeans, wheat, and gluten.

Veggie Crunch Burger

Enjoy the crunch of a delicious patty made of green peas, carrots, potato and red bell peppers, topped with crisp cucumber slices and shredded lettuce. Plus, a tinge of Veggie Crunch sauce for extra oomph.

Allergen information: Veggie Crunch Burger contains eggs, soybeans, wheat, and gluten. Ingredients in Veggie Crunch’s sauce include egg and garlic, neither meat nor dairy is used in the burgers.

Free upgrade to Iced Milo®

Enjoy a free upgrade to Iced Milo® (S) with every purchase of an Extra Value Meal.

  • Promotion not available during breakfast hours.
  • Promotion not available via McDelivery®.
  • While stocks last.
  • Visuals are for illustration purposes only.


Visuals are for illustration purposes only. Available only after breakfast hours, while stocks last. $5 Extra Value Meal price includes Coca-Cola® (S) and French Fries (M). Price of Extra Value Meal may vary depending on choice of drinks or sides. $5 Extra Value Meal is not available via McDelivery®, or at Gardens by the Bay, iFly Singapore, LIDO, Resorts World Sentosa, Temasek Polytechnic and Singapore Polytechnic. Terms and conditions apply.