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On 5th August 2019, the McCafé® Devotee app will be discontinued, with coupon redemptions carrying on until 20th September. Not to worry! A world of deals awaits on the new McDonald’s app! Get more of your favourites and enjoy everything you love about McDonald’s in one convenient place.

Existing McCafé® Devotee app users will be rewarded with a free large McCafé® Cappuccino when they use the same email address to register on the new app before 20th September.* See you there!

Visit our FAQ page for more info.

*Upon successful registration, this deal will be available after 7 days. Terms and conditions apply.

McDonald’s App

A: To qualify for the free cappuccino, you will have to be an existing McCafé® Devotee App user and register with the same email address used in McCafé® Devotee App before 20th September 2019. You will receive the free cappuccino in the McDonald’s App after 7 days upon successful registration. If you face any issues, please contact us.
A: The free large cappuccino will be valid for one month upon successful registration of the McDonald’s App. Please register with the same email address used in your McCafe® Devotee App before 20th September 2019.

Click here for McDonald’s app FAQ.

McDonald’s® My Feedback Application

A: Check you have an active internet connection. Check that your Location Services is switched on. Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
The survey list that appears on the home screen will depend on your location. You need to be within the vicinity (generally within 50km) of a participating site in order for the survey to appear on the home screen.
A: You must be in the vicinity of the site (generally within 50km) for it to appear in the home screen. If you are in the vicinity but still cannot see it in the home screen, try locating it via the search screen.
A: All participating sites will appear in the search screen. Try searching for the site by entering the street name or its suburb name into the search field.
A: There are restrictions in place to how many surveys a user is able to complete on the same day or within the month.
A: This is likely due to weak connection. Try restarting the app.
A: Check that you have entered a response on the current screen. When a response is entered, the survey will normally switch automatically to the next screen. If this does not happen, try hitting the next button.
A: The operating system on your device might be out-dated. It is recommended that you use the latest operating system. The minimum requirement for running this app is: Minimum IOS version required = 7.0
A: Some surveys may have a reward attached. My Rewards is where you can find coupons that have been sent to you as a reward for your feedback. When you successfully submit a survey which is linked to a reward, a coupon is generated to the ‘My Rewards” screen of the app. The coupon is valid for a limited time. Terms and conditions of use apply.
A: No. An electronic coupon will be randomly generated and sent to your device. The coupon must be used in accordance with its terms and conditions. The coupon is only valid for a limited time.
A: Your reward is valid for a limited time. Visit a participating site and show the reward to the staff serving you. They will ask you to touch the delete/redeem button and will observe you doing so. The staff will not need to touch your phone or access any personal information. Remember to check the expiry date on each reward as they are only valid for a limited time.
A: Coupons will automatically disappear from the My Rewards screen if:
1a) It has been redeemed/deleted; OR
2b) The coupon has expired.
A: From time to time, you may receive a notification from the app. These notifications are generally informative in nature and aimed at assisting in your use of the app. For example, the message could be to thank you for recent participation in a survey or to give tips on how to get the most from the app. A notification will only be sent if you have given the app permission to send notifications.
A: You can stop receiving notifications at any time by locating the app under the settings menu of your device and turning off the permission to send notifications.