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McDonald’s App

The McDonald’s App is a new app designed for all loyal customers and fans of McDonald’s so they can be rewarded with special deals to better enjoy their favourite menu items. With various functions and tabs like McDelivery, Deals, Feedback and information on the latest promotional items, it is now easy to enjoy everything McDonald’s has to offer within a single app.
The McDonald’s makes it more convenient for you to access all the various functions and information within a single app.
With the consolidation of all the apps under the new McDonald’s App, apps like My Feedback and McCafé® Devotee apps will no longer be in use. These apps and their deals will also expire with the launch of the McDonald’s App, where new and exciting deals will be made available!
You can order McDelivery® via the new McDonald’s app but you may receive personalized push messages via the McDelivery® app!
You will still need to create a new account when setting up your McDonald’s app, but you can use your existing McDelivery® email/password when you order McDelivery® page.
Yes, you may use the app in other countries. All you have to do is to indicate which country you are currently in under the app’s setting. Do note that you can only use the deals available for that market, e.g. Deals for McDonald’s Singapore is only redeemable in Singapore.
The McDonald’s App and access to the deals available are tied strictly to your account created. You may instead encourage your friends to download the app – it’s free and they can also enjoy deals that come with the McDonald’s App.
Our deals are personalised! This means that some of the deals may be exclusive just for you. The deals are non-transferable and can only be redeemed by the account that it was meant for.


After downloading the McDonald’s App from your app store, the app will guide you through a step-by-step process to create an Account that will give you access to various deals. With the McDonald’s App, you can redeem various kinds of deals at our restaurants’ Front Counter, Self-Order Kiosk and even Drive-Thru! Just keep a lookout for the Tutorial video in the app.
We have new deals regularly! To avoid missing out on the latest deals, you can have the app’s notifications turned on, and be alerted when deals are available in your area.
Please note that the McDonald’s App is designed to be used on smartphones only.
The McDonald’s App requires a data connection and cannot be used offline.
The McDonald’s app currently supports Android 5 upwards and iOS 11. Do also ensure that you have the latest version of the app. Do note that the app will not work on devices that have been ‘jailbroken’. If you’re still having issues, do reach out to us via the “Contact Us” tab. Do note that your password must begin with a letter or number, have at least 8 characters, contain 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase and 1 digit E.g. “McDonalds123#” is accepted, but “#McDonalds123” is not accepted.
Not to worry, you can still access your McDonald’s App account. You can click on the ‘Can’t remember your password?’ link on the log in page and follow the instructions sent to your registered email to reset your password.
You can change your personal details when you click on the ‘Edit’ tab when you are in the ‘My Account’ page.
You can edit it when you click on the ‘Edit’ tab when you are in the ‘My Account’ page.
Unfortunately, deals, stamps or rewards from apps like the McCafé® Devotee App cannot be transferred to the new App.
The “Feedback” tab helps our valued customers share their feedback on our products, service or experience with us. Our “Contact us” tab is for customers who need assistance with their account details.
If it is a repeatable deal, it will return the next day. If not, unfortunately it is no longer available. Fret not, do keep a look for upcoming deals! Kindly reach out to our friendly crew who will be able to assist you.
You can still redeem your deal by tapping on the QR code for an alpha-numeric code. You can then show the alpha-numeric code to a crew or type it in the kiosk to claim your deal. Our Guest Experiences Leaders, Family Ambassadors and crew are always close by to help you.
Yes, you can access this link and follow the steps to help you.


All deals are individually labeled with an expiry date and its terms and conditions. You can find the information in deals terms and conditions.
Sorry Sir/Madam, the deal you are looking to redeem has expired. But don’t worry, as an App user, there are new deals that will be made available. Check back in to your App for the latest deals or enable the App’s notification to get alerts.
If it is a repeatable deal, it will return the next day. If not, unfortunately it is no longer available. Fret not, do keep a look for upcoming deals! If you experience any other issues, you can always drop us a note at “Contact us”.
It depends! You may notice that there are many different deals to choose from. Each deal will have their own time of day or redemption period, e.g. breakfast deals and food items can be redeemed during breakfast hours.
Unfortunately, the deals are not transferrable or replaceable.
Depending on the specific deal and item, some may be limited to availability at certain stores, Dessert Kiosks, McCafé® or while stocks last.
Our deals are limited while stocks last. But don’t worry, keep a look out for more exciting deals that are coming!
Unfortunately, vouchers/BOG cards or other promotions are not able to be used on top of the McDonald’s App deal.
Unfortunately, once payment is made, we cannot use the deal for a completed purchase. Please visit us again to redeem the deals!

McDonald’s® My Feedback Application

You must be in the vicinity of the store for it to appear in the home screen. If you are in the vicinity but still cannot see it in the home screen, make sure that you have your location services enabled. If all else fails, reach out to our friendly crew for assistance.
There are restrictions in place to how many surveys a user is able to complete on the same day or within the month.
This is likely due to weak connection. Try restarting the app.
Check that you have entered a response on the current screen. When a response is entered, the survey will normally switch automatically to the next screen. If this does not happen, try hitting the next button.
The operating system on your device might be out-dated. It is recommended that you use the latest operating system.
When you successfully submit a feedback, you will receive a reward on the 'Deals' page in the McDonald's app. The reward is valid for a limited time. Terms and conditions of use apply.
You will receive a reward on the 'Deals' page in the McDonald's app. The reward may be updated from time to time, do refer to the McDonald's app for more details on the reward. The reward is valid for a limited time. Terms and conditions of use apply.
You can redeem it the same way as any other McDonald's app deal. Your reward is valid for a limited time. Visit a participating store and click redeem and activate when you are ready to place your order. If you need assistance, you can reach out to our friendly crew. We will not need to touch your phone or access any personal information. Remember to check the expiry date on each reward as they are only valid for a limited time.
Rewards will automatically disappear from the 'Deals' page if:
1a) It has been redeemed/deleted; OR
2b) The reward has expired.