Large Orders
A: The minimum purchase value for a large order is $200 and should be placed 10 days in advance. To place a large order please visit this link.
A: The following items are available for large orders:
- Sausage Muffin
- Chicken Burger
- McWings (2pcs and 10pcs)
- Fish Burger
- Apple Pie

- Canned Coke
- Milo tetra
- Ribena tetra
- Dasani
A: Due to food safety issues and to ensure high food quality, we are unable to deliver the following items for large order:
- Beef products
- French Fries
- Hotcakes
- Ice Cream
- Milk
- Coffee/Tea
- Hash Brown

Also note that burgers will be delivered plain (no sauce/lettuce/cheese/egg).