Wake up to a golden morning

Our full and satisfying breakfast meals are the perfect way for you to start Chinese New Year on the right note, so you’re prepared for a prosperous journey in the year ahead.


Hotcakes with Golden Chicken

Kickstart an auspicious new year with stacks of
fortune – fluffy hotcakes smothered with syrup and
margarine, and a golden chicken cutlet on top
for extra good luck!

Allergen information:
Hotcakes with Golden Chicken contains egg, milk,
soy beans and wheat.

Big Breakfast®

What’s more fulfilling than a breakfast filled with scrambled abundance,
sizzling sausage treasures, crispy hashbrown blessings
and wholegrain happiness?

Allergen information:
Big Breakfast® contains egg, soy beans and wheat.



Breakfast Extra Value Meal includes McCafe® Premium Coffee or Tea, and a Hashbrown or Corn Cup (3oz). Big Breakfast Extra Value Meal includes 1 Hashbrown only. Meal price may vary with choice of drink. Available only during breakfast hours. Visual is for illustration purpose only. Terms and conditions apply.