Why going green is more than just a colour

With so much going on during the Christmas period, some of us might need some time out to catch up on some peace and quiet.

Thankfully, one of the best things about being in Singapore is having ready access to pockets of lush greenery which offer a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Taking pride of place is Gardens by the Bay, an iconic addition to the cityscape since opening in 2012 and the location of McDonald’s® newest outlet.

Why Gardens by the Bay and what makes this outlet special?

Gardens by the Bay has become one of Singapore’s beloved national icons today and by setting up an outlet there, we offer customers a dining experience that is proudly, uniquely Singapore.

Much of the inspiration behind the design comes from the surrounding flora and fauna at Gardens by the Bay, and reflects signature elements of a garden city.

For the restaurant’s interior, we opted for specially designed graphics featuring Singapore’s national flower, the orchid. To create a fun, light-hearted vibe, we paired this with minimalist furniture sporting organic shapes and colourful, striking patterns.

The ceiling of the restaurant was kept open to maintain an airy and spacious atmosphere. By utilising natural lighting from outside, we ended up with a bright and uplifting space where indoor and outdoor spaces merge together beautifully.

What does being green mean for McDonald’s?

For us, incorporating ‘green’ or sustainable elements is integral to the design and construction of each restaurant.

To reduce electricity consumption, for instance, the Gardens by the Bay outlet was designed with features including energy-saving kitchen equipment and a restaurant air balancing system, which also creates a more comfortable dining environment by preventing cooking smells from permeating the main dining areas.

As part our ongoing efforts, McDonald’s is also participating in the Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA) Green Mark Portfolio programme with the exciting goal of getting 20 existing and future restaurants certified over the next few years!

Find out more about McDonald’s ongoing efforts at sustainability here!