Who cares?

Well, we think you do!

Some of us feel strongly about particular causes or believe in our ability to make a difference no matter how big or small. Many of us are empowered to make choices we know would grow into something bigger than ourselves.

At McDonald’s®, our choice is to support Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®) in their mission to improve the health and well-being of children and youth in Singapore. Every year, our McHappy Day efforts provide the perfect opportunity to be creative and have fun while championing a good cause.

This year, besides donating S$1 for every purchase of a Strawberry Sundae*, we roped in familiar faces like local actress Oon Shu An along with media darling, Michelle Chong to help us rally the call for a little Love, Hope and Courage.

Spurred by the thought of dishing out Strawberry Sundaes in the name of charity, the ladies tell us more.

Michelle Chong
Left Profile Artiste



Oon Shu An

Q. How do you feel about being a part of McHappy Day this year?

Michelle Chong:

I’m excited at the chance to contribute to this meaningful cause as I believe that companies should do their part in giving back to society. I love Strawberry Sundaes and I’m more than happy to partner McDonald’s to do this. I just hope I won’t be tempted to keep eating them!

Oon Shu An:

I’m very excited to be a part of McHappy Day! Not only is it for a good cause, the inner child in me has always wanted to serve ice cream so this is going to be good fun especially since the Strawberry Sundae is one of my favourite comfort foods!

Q. In your own personal life, what do you do to try and give back to society?


My pet project is recycling and I try to do my part even in the smallest ways like sharing my thoughts on social media. I also made suggestions to my condominium management to set up a collective receptacle at the basement lift lobby for residents to deposit flyers, old magazines and unwanted mail instead of throwing them into the rubbish bin. This way, we could be saving a lot of trees!


Whenever I see those old uncles and aunties who collect cardboard boxes, my heart goes out to them and I try to offer them some money. I didn’t really used to before because sometimes they don’t want to accept it and you feel like you might have insulted them. Nowadays, I try not to let this stop me and just approach them very respectfully. Still, I feel like this is not enough and that I could do much more!

Q. What do you hope your generation would do more of in the spirit of giving?


I find that Singaporeans are actually very generous and compassionate when it comes to doing charity. My wish would be for people of my generation to apply that kindness and generosity to their everyday life, whether it’s smiling at the foreign labourer who is directing traffic in the hot sun or even buying a drink for the old auntie who is clearing your tray at the hawker centre.


I actually see a lot of people in my generation being very generous with their time and resources towards causes they feel for. Perhaps we could learn to overcome our fear of being rejected and be less afraid to offer help to those who need it. You never know who would have really appreciated your gesture!



Do pop by any of our restaurants to get your Strawberry Sundae, all for a good cause!

*Donations collected only 1 to 15 November 2015. Donations to RMHC will be capped at S$50,000, thereafter Strawberry Sundae purchases will not include S$1 donation.