Unravel the strength of your inner samurai

In the days of the samurai, a bushido spirit or code of conduct guided the way people lived. Throughout society, honour and discipline were an integral part of everyday life.

Today, things have changed somewhat. Maintaining a state of zen can be a challenge especially when confronted with the stress of work, weather and the complexities of life in the 21st century.

Inspired to inspire, the McDonald’s® Samurai burger serves up a tasty reminder to channel your inner samurai and put time-honoured values into practice. We offer some tips on following the Way of the Samurai.


Whether you are stuck in traffic or in the train on the way to work or school, it is one of the best times to challenge yourself to an exercise in patience. Try focusing on something completely sensorial like the thought of sinking your teeth into the incredibly tasty, succulent patty of the Samurai burger. Or zone out, let your mind wander and before you know it, the journey would have flown by.


The best warriors possess both physical and mental strength. Feeding both body and mind goes a long way in keeping you in good spirits and your energy levels up. No matter how busy you are, do not skip meals or scrimp on sleep. Like running a marathon, you need to be fuelled up right in order to get to the finishing line.


Always wanted to pick up scuba diving, go off the beaten paths in your travels or initiate a conversation with someone who caught your eye? Well the best time to start is now. Not knowing how is no excuse in a digital age where social networks, life hacks and other information accessible online can clue you in on where to start.


Traditional notions of honour include the taking of one’s life to compensate for a dishonourable deed. While there is no need for bloodshed today, keeping your word is still important. Being on time for appointments is a good example. Being actually on the way when you say you are “on the way” is another.


A big word that is rooted in the small, everyday gestures. Most of us would have given up our seat on the train or bus to someone who needed it more but what about returning our trays after eating for the benefit of the next person? If you haven’t already, try that the next time you drop by McDonald’s for a Samurai burger!

Whet your tastebuds here and for those who cannot wait, make your order today!