‘Tis the season to be good to yourself

With festive lights and decorations already lining the streets, and familiar carols playing everywhere, Christmas is definitely in the air.

At McDonald’s®, Christmas is the perfect season to be good to yourself and celebrate a year well spent. With the launch of the delicious new Clubhouse Burger, available with either a beef or grilled chicken patty, accompanied by irresistible Truffle Flavoured Shaker Fries, pampering yourself has never been easier.

In the spirit of Christmas, here are a number of ways to treat yourself and truly savour the year-end holiday!

1. Have a thoroughly lazy weekend, guilt-free

When was the last weekend you really took some time out to do absolutely nothing? No agenda, no appointments, no incessant texting, a weekend where you got to be completely and unapologetically lazy. Wake up whenever you want, pick up a book and find a quiet spot at your favourite McDonald’s outlet to chill out the entire day, just because.

2. Do one thing that makes you look and feel great

Whether it is a funky new haircut, a new outfit for a party you have been looking forward to or indulging yourself with the perfect meal at McDonald’s, invest in one thing that would make you feel positive inside out. When something makes you feel this good about yourself, it shows and there is no better way to get that Christmas glow!

3. Spend uninterrupted time with friends and people you love

How often have you heard yourself cancelling or rescheduling appointments with friends or family because of deadlines and other commitments? No holiday is complete, however, without people to celebrate it with, so why not give yourself a break and spend some quality time with family and friends? Take a moment to just enjoy the simple pleasure of good company and great conversation.

4. Feast like it is Christmas!

When it comes to holiday festivities, it is food that truly brings people together with indulgent meals that leave everyone happily satisfied. This Christmas, indulge in the new mouth-watering Clubhouse Burger at McDonald’s with a serving of Truffle Flavoured Shaker Fries for an added extravagance. Oh and did we also mention the rich and lusciously creamy Red Velvet McFlurry® with Oreo® Cookie Bits?

Tickle your taste buds and have a Merry Yummy Christmas season!