Yvonne Low
McDonald’s® Senior Director of Marketing

Singapore has always been a foodie haven and Singaporeans are known for their tenacious appetite for life and all things delicious. As the city continues to grow and transform, its foodscape is also evolving as consumers are increasingly discerning when it comes to choosing what to have for their next meal.

Aspiring to deliver ever-better service and quality food options that truly hit the spot with our consumers, McDonald’s® has been on an ongoing journey of research and listening to understand what our Singapore consumers really want. Hence the tagline, “You said it, we made it”.

McDonald’s Senior Director of Marketing, Digital and Menu Innovation, Yvonne Low, offers some insight into the thought process.

Q. Some of us have fond memories of McDonald’s during our growing up years while others are more familiar with the restaurant’s recent innovations. Since it first opened in Singapore 37 years ago in 1979, how has the perception of McDonald’s evolved?

McDonald’s has always been known for our all-time classics such as our French fries, Fillet-O-Fish®, McChicken® and McNuggets® – iconic items that are signature to the brand, easily enjoyed by our consumers.

Today, our continuous efforts at food innovation and the introduction of localised menu options, which include more wholesome choices, have also led us to become associated with a dining experience that is not only exciting but one that offers balanced, quality meals as well.

Q. How have the tastes and expectations of customers evolved?

Customers of today desire more balanced options and food that is of a higher quality. Increasingly informed and sophisticated, they want the luxury of choice along with good, friendly service regardless of the price point. To them, dining is no longer just a functional activity but an experience to savour and enjoy.

At McDonald’s, you can see that our menu is progressively adapting to customers’ changing tastes and expectations as a reflection of our consistent efforts to bring our Good Food promise to life.

Q. What exactly does “Good Food” mean at McDonald’s?

There are three important aspects to our “Good Food” promise.

Firstly, it is about the element of great taste as reflected in the bold flavours of our core classics and innovative new options. This ranges from our signature burgers and all-time local favourites like the Samurai and Prosperity Burgers to newer offerings like the McWrap and a selection of delicious frappés.

Secondly, it is also about the quality of our ingredients, which are responsibly sourced and include many balanced choices like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, 100% beef and freshly cracked eggs.

Thirdly, the Good Food promise is focused on delivering an upgraded dining experience which is modern while still maintaining a warm, family-like atmosphere.

Q. As part of the Good Food movement, what are the more memorable items that McDonald’s has introduced or plans to introduce?

One of the notable changes we made was the introduction of wholegrain options in 2014, replacing all our breakfast muffins with wholegrain muffins. In the same year, our menu was also revised to include more than 20 meal options that are about 500 calories or less. Another was introducing the use of Canola Blend oil in our Singapore restaurants.

This year, we will continue to evolve our menu to reflect the ever-changing trends, tastes and preferences of Singaporeans. We are all set for an exciting line up in 2016, which includes the recently launched Breaded Salmon with Paella Spice Mix Burger and Crispy Chicken Sandwich!



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