How to be a McDelivery® Superhero

Hong Yuan
McDelivery Rider

Braving the tropical heat, sudden downpours and traffic conditions so many of us complain about, McDelivery® riders are the unsung heroes who deliver food to those of us who are not able to or find it inconvenient to head out.

McDelivery rider Hong Yuan shares with us why it takes more than just a motorcycle licence to be a McDelivery superhero!

Q. Could you tell us what does it take to be a McDelivery superhero?

In addition to a high level of road safety, I think it is also important to have honesty, integrity and patience.

As McDelivery riders, we work independently most of the time and without supervision. A number of our customers include young kids whose parents are not home or elderly folk who live on their own and have problems with their vision, which means they have difficulty counting the right amount of cash for payment. No matter what kind of customer we meet, we not only have to be patient but must also make sure that the correct payment amount is collected.

Q. What is a regular day like for you?

My shift is from 9am to 6pm every day with one day off a week. While the number of deliveries each day varies, the good thing is that we can decide when we want to break for lunch or rest. It is flexible as long as you have no outstanding orders to be delivered and there is always at least a rider on standby at the outlet.

Q. Have you ever had any interesting or meaningful experiences while on the job?

Being a McDelivery rider gives me the opportunity to meet many different kinds of customers and some of the more memorable ones include those who choose to pay entirely in coins even though the amount is more than SGD10. Occasionally, I also make deliveries to customers who are wheelchair-bound and live alone. In these instances, I am especially glad to be able to bring them a small amount of comfort through the food that we deliver.

Q. What is one of the most challenging things for you and what do you find most satisfying?

One of the challenges is maintaining a high level of safety and alertness while on the road. Another is being patient regardless of the kind of customer we meet or the distance that we have to travel. At the same time, I do get a certain sense of satisfaction knowing that I am responsible for bringing simple comfort and delicious food to hungry customers.

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