Go forth and prosper!

There are many reasons to look forward to Chinese New Year this year – a gloriously long weekend of gatherings with family and friends, which happily includes the collection of red packets for some of us.

Creating the perfect opportunity for families to gather and share in abundance, McDonald’s® Prosperity Beef Burger®, Prosperity Chicken Burger® and Golden Treasure Chicken Burger offer a delicious way to savour the new year with your loved ones.

True prosperity, however, is a happy family bound together by love, laughter and an appreciation for one another’s unique imperfections. For your 2016 New Year resolutions, how about a family-friendly version for the ones who truly matter?

1. Pick up a new language of love

Everyone has a different language of love. For parents, theirs is the language of food and practical matters. For siblings, some may delight in questioning you non-stop for details of your life while others leave you alone. Learning to respond positively is an important step towards building stronger, closer relationships with the ones who matter.

2. Take a journey of learning, together

If you are looking to learn a new skill or try out a new sport or hobby, how about doing it together with someone in the family who shares a common interest? Whether it is baking, language classes or muay thai, you can exchange notes or practise together. Either way, it could be twice as much fun!

3. Buddy up for health

It takes discipline to exercise regularly, especially if you attempt it on your own. Having a workout buddy might increase the chances of developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle across the year. In addition to the benefit of motivating each other to stay on track, it is also a great way to bond with the family!

4. Go on a travel adventure

Why not make use of the many long weekends this year to plan a short trip with the family? It could be a simple idea centred round spending time together or something more adventurous like exploring a whole new destination. With the availability of budget flights along with Singapore’s connectivity in the region, you would be spoiled for choice!

Beyond the auspicious greetings and wishes for good luck, wealth and success, Chinese New Year is a good time to count our blessings and celebrate the simple pleasures in life. At McDonald’s, no Chinese New Year celebration is complete without a serving of our favourite Prosperity Twister Fries™ for a mouth-watering start to a fantastic new year!

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