Customised Cravings

Angela Fong
McDonald’s Menu Manager

Individuality and food that speaks for itself. That is the essence of McDonald’s Create Your Taste experience, featuring picture-perfect burgers generously created with fresh ingredients of your choice, served hot off the grill and brought to your table.

For any foodie and McDonald’s fan, the freedom to personalise your burger exactly the way you like it and have it created right on the spot is incredibly satisfying.

With Singapore the first in Asia to offer this experience, Angela Fong, McDonald’s Menu Manager, tells us what makes Create Your Taste so special and how being creative is all in a day’s work for her.

Q: How did the idea for Create Your Taste come about?

Customers today are very savvy and they know exactly what they like or do not like, seeing the choices they make as an expression of who they are. With Create Your Taste, the focus is thus on offering a dining experience that is customised for each individual customer while keeping the same good quality of McDonald’s burgers. The hardest part would be waiting to take that first, juicy bite!

Q. Create Your Taste features 27 different ingredients which customers can choose from. How were these ingredients selected?

One of the star ingredients in every Create Your Taste burger is of course the 100% Angus quarter pound beef patty. With that as a starting point, we then carried out a food safari to identify ingredients that would complement it and which are popular among consumers.

We found out that certain ingredients and flavours go especially well with the beef patty. For instance, the peppery bite of wild rocket and the rich umami taste of grilled mushrooms make great pairings. Other favourites include guacamole and grilled pineapple that, when combined with the beef patty, result in just the right balance of flavours with every bite.

Depending on the sauce you choose, each Create Your Taste burger can have a very different flavour. It is thus important for each sauce to be distinct yet complementary to the other ingredients. The creamy black pepper sauce is a good example. The red hot spicy sauce is unique to Singapore as it was specially created to satisfy our love for chilli and all things spicy!

Q. You have a job that many people would envy. What is a regular day in the office like for you?

A regular day for me typically revolves around food and creativity. I would spend time working on the development and marketing of new products. This involves thinking of how to position them in a way that makes them stand out, conceptualising new flavours, working on new innovative platforms, studying food trends and planning food safaris as well as menu development.

My creative juices often start flowing when I talk to people to test new ideas or to find out what is in trend. When I start chatting with someone and you see my eyes light up with a big smile and my hands reaching for pen and paper (or napkin), you would know that an idea is born.

Q. What do you feel is most satisfying about your work?

For me, the most fulfilling thing about being a part of the Create Your Taste team is being able to share the philosophy of food pairing with our customers. Many people do not realise how much difference a little creativity makes when simple ingredients are combined to create a burst of really exciting flavours.

Q. What is your favourite Create Your Taste combination?

My personal favourite is the Spicy Tortilla, which is one of our signature creations. I think it has a wonderful layering of different textures along with just the right contrast of spice and creaminess with every bite. Each time I have it, I cannot stop thinking of the first bite even as I’m craving for the next!

Look out for more Create Your Taste outlets coming your way end of the month!