Craving for Beef?

There are many ways to eat beef. Some people relish a good stir-fry or a juicy piece of steak. Others much prefer a quality burger where every mouthful releases a burst of rich, hearty flavours. Whatever it is, you would definitely want something that leaves you feeling completely satisfied at the end.

Constantly inspired to deliver quality food that tastes great and, more importantly, caters to Singaporeans’ increasingly discerning palates, McDonald’s® tapped on customer insights to improve our menu with greater variety and choices that would truly whet your taste buds!

The latest additions include two new limited time offerings: the Classic Beef with Chicken Bacon and the Beef and Mushroom Deluxe. These burgers feature quality ingredients such as 100% beef from New Zealand and Australia without any additives, a deliciously smoky ‘Big Tasty’ sauce with spices and garlic mixed in, mushrooms from Netherlands and creamy cheese from New Zealand.

With so much goodness packed in each burger, it might be difficult to choose between the two. Here’s a little quiz to help you decide which one would best satisfy your craving!

Q. When you think savoury, you think:

  • Something umami
  • Something smoky

Q. What do you think gives a more satisfying “oomph” to a meal?

  • An invigorating burst of peppery spices
  • The distinct flavour of a smoky, tangy sauce

Q. Which of the following statements best represents your taste buds?

  • A winning combination for any burger has to include savoury grilled mushrooms, rich, creamy cheese and a nicely seared beef patty
  • No burger is complete without a classic combination of fresh greens and tomatoes, Swiss cheese, nicely seared patty, and topped off with a delicious smoky sauce.

What your answers say:

Featuring a flavoursome black pepper mushroom sauce, the Beef and Mushroom Deluxe is served with lightly toasted corn dusted buns filled with grilled mushrooms from the Netherlands, crunchy lettuce and crispy chicken bacon strips that sit atop a juicy quarter pounder beef patty enveloped with a slice of rich, creamy cheese from New Zealand.

With a lightly seasoned quarter pounder beef patty layered with crispy chicken bacon strips, silvered onions, crunchy whole leaf lettuce, and tomatoes slices, the Classic Beef and Chicken Bacon comes on a warm, aromatic corn dusted bun, oozing with melted Swiss cheese and a smoky Big Tasty sauce imported from UK.

Find out more about our two new beefy offerings here!