Caffeine Fix

For those of us who cannot imagine starting the day without a caffeine boost, our local baristas play a lifesaving role every morning as we prepare ourselves for work or school.

Behind the McCafé® counter, baristas like Marisa Yang and Janna Lau take tremendous pleasure in their ability to bring a simple, irreplaceable satisfaction to customers every day. Janna, in particular, was among the top three winners at the 2015 North Zone Latte Art Competition and a recipient of the 2015 national Excellent Service Award (EXSA).

The ladies tell us what has been brewing on their minds and why being a McCafé barista is more than just a job for them.

Marisa Yang
McCafé Barista
Bedok Mall Outlet


Janna Lau
McCafé Barista
NorthPoint Outlet

Q. What does it take to be a McCafé barista?

Marisa: Passion, concentration and skills are key factors to being a great barista. At the same time, service is also very important. For me, coffee is a unique way of communicating and connecting with customers and a beautiful cup of coffee should always be accompanied by great service.

Janna: In my case, I think it is hard work and perseverance. I have always wanted to work in McCafé since my teenage years because to me, it looks like a very cool job. In fact, it took me a long time of trying and learning to get here. I was an ITE Internship trainee at McCafé and it was that experience that gave me the foundation I needed.

Q. What is the most rewarding or enjoyable thing about your job?

M: To me, every day is an interesting adventure and what I enjoy most about my job is being able to make coffee that not only looks good but tastes delicious. I have a strong interest in coffee and that motivates me to keep learning how to make it better. When I serve a good cup of coffee, I put my heart into it and that makes me very contented. If I receive a customer’s compliment, that’s a bonus!

J: I have always enjoyed making coffee for my customers and when I see my customers look at the latte art I have created with joy on their faces, it gives me a great deal of satisfaction. I am proud of the skills I have learnt as a barista and the learning process is something I enjoy. All this keeps me motivated to work even harder to achieve my goals.

Q. Could you share some of your most memorable encounters with your customers?

M: One of my most memorable experiences was a request from one customer for me to do a special latte art piece for him. It was filled with hearts and the words ‘be my girlfriend’. I thought it was really interesting and really special that someone would make a proposal like this with one of our drinks!

J: There was one particular customer who ordered a Himalayan Tea Latte and I made it for her with latte art in the shape of a cat. After she got her drink, she actually came back and asked for my name. A few days later, my manager shared a Facebook screen shot of a compliment she’d posted on the latte art I had made for her. I really appreciated that she took the time to do this for me.

Q. What would you recommend as the drink of choice for morning, afternoon and night?

M: For mornings, I would suggest grabbing a Mochaccino for coffee lovers and for non-coffee drinkers, a Himalayan Tea Latte. In the afternoon, I would recommend a Latte or Caramel Frappé to cool off and lastly, a Hot Chocolate topped with marshmallows for a good night’s sleep!

J: I would recommend a Mochaccino for the morning, a Double Chocolate Frappé for the afternoon and a Hot Chocolate with marshmallows and chocolate sauce to enjoy at night.


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