Every single cup. By McCafé Baristas who have undergone more than 100 hours of training; brewing 100% Arabica beans with 100% passion. Nothing less than a satisfying cup.

*Available in Singapore McCafé® and applicable to small Cappuccino or small Latte. Not valid via McDonald’s self-ordering kiosk, Drive Thrus and McDelivery ® nor at Gardens by the Bay, LIDO, Resorts World Sentosa and Singapore Poly.

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Cinnamon Melts

Snuggle up with chewy chunks of warm, cinnamon-spiced rolls drizzled with a deliciously rich cream cheese icing. Comfort awaits with every bite of this tasty treat!

Iced Latte

Chill out with our blend of smooth espresso and creamy milk served over ice. From the first sip to the last drop, it’s the perfect way perk up and cool down.

Hot Latte

Get cosy as steamed, full cream milk is balanced with our rich medium roast espresso, and topped with a layer of froth. This classic comes with a Lotus Biscoff, for a sweet ending you can warm up to.

$5 Extra Value Meals

How Much Can We Talk About Our Cup Of Coffee?

We could start with the crisp fragrant wood notes, the suggestion of chocolate and nuts, the medium body and the long rich finish. We could go on about the 100% Arabica beans that bring a definite signature. Or we could just tell you that it's about both the beans and the person who pulled it. However we tell the story, it ends with a cup of perfect coffee, right in your hands.

$5 Extra Value Meals

The Art Behind Our Frappe

To bring you a perfect cup of frappe, this is how our baristas sign their work: ingredients carefully concocted for the best taste, blended to right consistency and topped with a final creative touch of whipped cream to inspire you for the rest of the day. Enjoy your hand-crafted perfection – made just for you.

Visuals are for illustration and serving suggestion purposes only. While stocks last.

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