Everyone’s favourite, now with a little extra.

It’s time for flavours galore — starting with the McSpicy® patty you love, made with an extra flavourful twist. And if you’re up for more, satisfy your extra cravings with familiar tastes you love all over again.


McSpicy® Deluxe

Bite into your favourite McSpicy® patty, layered with extra tasty white cheddar cheese, extra juicy tomato slice, extra kick of tomato jalapeno relish and crowned off with an extra delicious cornmeal dusted bun.

Allergen Information: contains wheat, egg, soy beans and milk.

Food Sensitivities: Gluten, MSG

Creamy Herb Chicken Pie

Our first ever savoury pie is a burst of creaminess that packs all of the goodness of chicken, carrots, potatoes, peas and mushrooms, in a crispy and flaky pie crust.

Allergen Information: contains egg, milk, soy beans and wheat

Food Sensitivities: Gluten, Sulfites, MSG

Bandung Desserts

Give your tastebuds an extra refreshing dose of rosy delight. Now available in the classic cone, Sundae or McFlurry®.

Allergen Information: contains milk, soy beans

Food Sensitivities: Gluten, Sulfites

Bandung McFlurry® may contain traces of peanuts.

Kueh Salat Cake

Treat yourself to an extra delicious modern rendition of a classic Peranakan delicacy, with stacked pandan mousse, sponge cake and sticky rice topped with coconut shavings

Allergen Information: contains egg, milk, wheat and fish.

Food Sensitivities: Gluten, Sulfites, Tartrazine, Sunset Yellow


McSpicy® Deluxe, Creamy Herb Chicken Pie, Bandung Desserts, Kueh Salat Cake are available after breakfast hours and while stocks last.
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