Find us in a familiar place.

Our iconic landmark in the east welcomes you back at Marine Cove – with wide smiles, open arms, and exclusive additions to our menu.


Take a 360° virtual tour of our new Marine Cove store.

Find out why you’ll fall in love with our new store. Explore our immersive 360° video – tilt or drag your finger across your phone or tablet screen, or click and drag your mouse around on desktop computers.

On mobile and tablet devices, watch 360° videos on YouTube apps for Android and iOS. On desktop computers, YouTube supports playback of 360° videos in Chrome (Version 40 and above), Firefox (Version 40 and above), Internet Explorer 11, Opera (Version 32 and above), and MS Edge.

Highlights to behold.

Brace yourself for a lot of firsts, exclusive to the Marine Cove store.

The Signature Collection

Whet your taste buds with premium, mouth-watering creations.

Salad Bar – McCafé Exclusive

Choose from fresh greens, toss in hearty toppings from tasty chicken strips to garlic croutons, then top it off with your favourite dressing.

STEP 1: Choose your salad

STEP 2: Dress it up

Roasted Sesame • Caesar • Soy Sesame

STEP 3: Top it as you like

Classic Toppings: Corn • Garlic Croutons • Cherry Tomatoes • Chicken Bacon Bits • Apple Slices • Spiral Pasta • Shaved Parmesan

STEP 4: Make it extra special

Premium Toppings: Potato Medley • Chicken Fajita Strips • Sliced Avocado

Extended Menu – McCafé Exclusive

Indulge in even more sweet and savoury additions.

Dessert Bar

Beat the heat with a McFlurry® or Sundae, top them up with sweet extras such as brownie bites and Reese’s® Sticks. Or choose our Marine Cove specials, Adventure in a Cone and Summer Delight!

STEP 1: Choose your dessert

STEP 2: Jazz it up

Classic Toppings: Brownie Bites • Caramelised Biscuits • Chocolate Dip • Corn Flavoured Cereal • Crushed Cone • Diced Layer Cake Bites • Fruit Flavoured Cereal • Hot Fudge Topping • Oreo® Cookie Bits • Rainbow Butter Bites • Strawberry Topping • Vanilla Cookie Crumble

Premium Toppings: Chunky Purple Potato Sauce • Coconut Flakes • Mixed Berries • Reese’s® Sticks

Wireless Charging Stations

No more messy wires! Charging docks are available at designated tables so your tummy and phone battery never have to run on empty.

Shadow Wall

Step to the groove and into iconic shoes at this interactive area. Featuring Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Hamburglar, Birdie, and Happy.

Available only after breakfast hours. While stocks last. Visuals are for illustration purposes only.