That’s right – it’s familiar. It’s yummy. And it’s back!

Singapore, we heard you! Here’s your chance to indulge in the “Nasi Lemak” Burger, along with local delights that taste both familiar and new. Just for you, Singapore!


“Nasi Lemak” Burger

Inspired by a local favourite, it’s flavourful and yummy! Delight in a juicy yet crispy, coconut flavoured chicken thigh patty, coated with cornflake crunch and, paired with a sweet yet spicy sambal sauce, then topped with a fried egg, caramelised onions and crunchy cucumbers slices. All between lightly toasted roti. Sedap!

Allergen information: “Nasi Lemak” Burger contains milk, egg, soybeans, wheat, shellfish, and gluten.

Bandung McFizz®

Looking to balance all that spice with some sweetness?
Enjoy a refreshing take on an old school favourite.
Chill out with our fizzy rose syrup drink for a lip-smacking end to your meal!

Allergen information: Bandung McFizz® contains milk.

Coconut Pie

The scrumptiously crispy Coconut Pie is a fresh take on a familiar flavour. Packed with tropical coconut filling and nata de coco bits, it’s a treat for your tastebuds.

Allergen information: Coconut Pie contains wheat and soybeans.

Chendol McFlurry®

In Singapore, we grew up with Chendol in our hearts (and our tummies)! Dig into the Chendol McFlurry®, a delectably creamy mix of Gula Melaka and vanilla soft-serve, whisked to perfection with Chendol jelly bits. Yum!

Allergen information: Chendol McFlurry® contains milk and soybeans.

Potato Wedges

Can anyone resist Potato Wedges? Golden and crispy on the outside and delectably warm and soft on the inside, it’s a real tummy pleaser!

Allergen information: Potato Wedges contain wheat.

Available after breakfast hours. While stocks last. Visuals are for illustration purposes only. Products may be flavoured. Terms & Conditions apply.