There’s more for everyone.

This New Year, it’s time to get together with new ways to share everyone’s favourites!


Happy Sharing Box® C

Spicy Chicken McNuggets® (12pc)
+ McWings® (8pc)

It’s time to celebrate because everyone’s favourite Spicy Chicken McNuggets® are back! Served together with McWings® in an all-new box, your year will be off to a tasty start!

Allergen information: Contains soybeans, wheat, gluten, and eggs.

Spicy Chicken McNuggets®

Things are about to heat up as the long-awaited Spicy Chicken McNuggets® makes its fiery return! Share as much as you like with boxes of 6, 9, and 20 pieces to satisfy your burning desire for bites with that extra kick.

Allergen information: Contains soybeans, wheat, and gluten.

Peach McFizz®

Cool off with this bubbly delight that’s made with a fruity blend of peach and sparkling soda, where every sip will leave you peachy!*

* Product is flavoured and does not contain actual peach fruits.

Allergen information: Contains no allergens.

Mango Passionfruit Pie

Finish off with a taste of sunshine. This new treat is filled with tangy mango chunks and a zesty passionfruit filling — all in a crisp pie crust. This is the tropical treat that’s hard to beat!

Allergen information: Contains soybean, wheat, and gluten.

Curry Sauce Bottle

Good times are just a squeeze away because everyone’s favourite Curry Sauce Bottle is back for a limited time! Get yours at only $5.50 per bottle with every purchase of Spicy Chicken McNuggets® or Chicken McNuggets®.

Purchase of maximum 2 Curry Sauce Bottles per transaction with every Spicy Chicken McNuggets® and Chicken McNuggets® Ala Carte, Extra Value Meal, Happy Sharing Box® or Spicy Chicken McNuggets® Feast. Not applicable to Chicken McNuggets® (4pc) Happy Meal®, McDelivery®, and GrabFood. Available after breakfast hours and while stocks last.

Allergen information: Contains soybeans, wheat, MSG, and gluten.

Chicken McNuggets® Bundle

Spicy Chicken McNuggets® (20pc)
+ Chicken McNuggets® (20pc)
+ Curry Sauce Bottle

When the party calls for more, this bundle is the answer. With crispy golden Chicken McNuggets®, flaming hot Spicy Chicken McNuggets®, and the limited edition Curry Sauce Bottle at just $32.90, there’s plenty to go around!

Available only on McDelivery® and GrabFood. While stocks last.

Allergen information: Contains soybeans, wheat, MSG, and gluten.


Available after breakfast hours and while stocks last. Visuals are for illustration purposes only.
Featured products contain allergens.