Ready, set, dive in!

Dive into new and crunchy flavours at McDonald’s®! Enjoy the crunch of the new Fish & Fries or Sweet Chilli Fish Burger.


Fish & Fries

Meet the new Fish & Fries. Fresh tender fish filet with golden crisp coating and creamy tartar sauce, paired with our world-famous fries. Dive in and savour its crunch.

Allergen information: Fish & Fries contains egg, fish, shellfish, soybean, wheat, gluten and MSG.

Sweet Chilli Fish Burger

Our new tender fish filet with golden crisp coating, sweet chilli mayo and fresh vegetables, served on a tasty, chilli bun. It’s a wave of flavours to dive into!

Allergen information: Sweet Chilli Fish Burger contains eggs, fish, milk, shelfish, wheat, gluten and MSG.

Red Bean Pie

Bite into delicious red bean paste in a familiar crunchy golden shell.

Allergen information: Red Bean Pie contains soybean, wheat and gluten.


Available after breakfast hours and while stocks last. Visuals are for illustration purposes only. Featured products contain allergens. Fish & Fries is served with small fries.