We conduct at least 72 safety checks and procedures in our restaurants. eg. we use different coloured gloves when handling raw and cooked foods and take temperatures of products and equipment at least twice a day.
From the farms and oceans to our counters, we are renowned for upholding one of the highest food safety and quality standards in the world. In addition, on a daily basis, every restaurant conducts at least 72 safety checks.
The grills are cleaned after every use. In addition, every 24 hours, the grill will be shut down and thoroughly cleaned.
We began to use Canola Blend oil to fry our products in our Singapore restaurants in October 2014.
Our oil is checked and filtered daily, and changed at regular intervals depending on the volume of the restaurant. Oil is checked regularly to ensure the quality of food cooked is not compromised.
Our used oil is collected and passed on to AVA and NEA-approved recycling companies.
We use a blend of white and dark meat in McChicken. 100% white meat is used in our Chicken McNuggets.
The Grade AA, lower cholesterol eggs we use are sourced locally. All eggs are washed, sanitised and oiled before reaching our restaurants.
Yes, all McDonald's restaurants in Singapore received Halal certification from MUIS (The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore). The regulatory body approved McDonald's food for consumption by Muslims in 1992.
Many of the items we serve at McDonald's are from trusted suppliers. We only purchase from trusted sources from around the world.
Our cold desserts use milk-based solids and include vegetable oil.
The French fries and hashbrowns served at McDonald's are cooked in Canola Blend oil. We also offer corn cup and apple slices and gladly accommodate requests for customised orders without meat (eg. without beef, chicken or fish).
The French fries and hashbrowns served at McDonald's are cooked in Canola Blend oil.
McDonald's varied menu and range of serving sizes make it easy to fit our food into a balanced diet and to create a range of meal combinations that fall within recommended guidelines for calories, fat and other nutrients. Customers can gain easy access to nutritional information on our food at this link, in-restaurant traymats and leaflets.
We are delighted to share that McDonald's offers a range of lighter options on our Delight 500 menu. Meals on this menu are below or around 500 calories per meal. We have a Delight 500 menu for both breakfast and regular hours. To find out more about our Delight 500 menu, please visit this link.
Yes, we are always looking at ways to make things better, we introduced our Grilled Chicken Salad featuring skinless chicken served on a bed of fresh vegetables with roasted sesame dressing. You may also opt for our Garden Side Salad which has a blend of fresh green lettuce and mixed vegetable, tomato and sweet corn.
No, McDonald's Singapore does not serve all-day breakfast. Breakfast hours are from 4am to 11am on weekdays and 4am to 12pm on weekends.
The ingredients and kitchen equipment used for breakfast and regular menus are different. Thus, we are unable to serve regular products during breakfast hours.
At McDonald's, we use wholegrain muffins for our breakfast menu items. Each wholegrain muffin contains 8g of wholegrain, which provides half a serving of whole-grains.
At McDonald’s, we are committed to delighting our customers with a variety of quality food choices at great value. As such, we continually evaluate our menu and make adjustments according to customer demand and new menu development plans.
We aim to offer great-tasting food at great value to our customers. Prices may vary slightly between different restaurants due to a number of factors, including differing cost of running a business at different locations. It is not uncommon therefore that some F&B establishments and supermarkets also adopt the same practice.
You may request for more veggies in your meal or swap out your French fries to a nutritious corn cup, all at no extra cost. Delicious apple slices are also available at at $2.50 a la carte or just $1 with an Extra Value Meal™ purchase.