Celebrate McDelivery Day with us!

This McDelivery® day, join us as we celebrate bringing you the food you love, to be shared with the people you love!


Terms & Conditions for McDelivery® Day Promotion

  • Valid only for McDelivery order via McDelivery app in Singapore from 23 April (0000hrs) – 25 April (2359hrs) 2018.
  • Not applicable to web, call center, Uber Eats orders.
  • Not valid at McDonald’s main restaurants, Dessert Kiosks, Self-Ordering Kiosks, Drive-Thru
  • Not applicable for advanced orders
  • Promo code needs to be entered to activate free delivery

Congratulations, winners of our Fries Cushion!

Winners listed below have been notified via phone call and email prior to the announcement. For privacy purposes, only winners’ initials and partial mobile numbers are being shown.


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I have already stored my credit card details in my McDelivery® account. Why must I register again?
As part of our efforts to serve you better, we have performed a system update which has removed all past credit card details stored in your McDelivery® account.

Can I delete or change card details?
Yes, there is a function that enables users to store, delete and edit their credit /debit card details.

Is this feature available on the website and Mobile app?
Yes, you can register your payment card details on both our website and mobile app.

Is cash payment option still available on your website and mobile app?
Yes, customers can still select cash payment for McDelivery® orders made through our website or app.

I am not comfortable with storing my credit / debit card details on your website. Can I pay by credit card but not save my details?
No, this option is currently not available. For enhanced security, we are using the tokenization method to secure the payment process. As such, customers have to add the credit card details before using a credit card as a mode of payment. You can subsequently log into your McDelivery® account after you have completed the order to remove the credit card information. However, please note that you will have to add your credit card details each time you sign in to place an order.

Is my credit / debit card information safe / protected? Where is it being stored?
Please rest assured that McDonald’s strictly complies with PCI DSS - The Payment Industry standard for handling credit card payments. McDonald’s does not retain credit / debit card details used to make purchases online.

Can I save more than one credit card information under my McDelivery® account?
No, the system is only able to store up to one credit card per account.

Do I need to clear my cache each time I log out?
Card details are not stored in the browser / mobile app. As such, there is no need to clear the cache.

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