Your second chance is here

Perhaps you were late to the game in 2017. No way you’re missing out, again. Get a real taste of the “Nasi Lemak” Burger, along with other unique twists to traditional flavours. No more regrets this time.


“Nasi Lemak” Burger

Made with the same good old recipe, it’s a coconut-flavoured chicken thigh coated with a cornflake crust, then topped with a fried egg, crunchy cucumber and caramelised onions. And of course, it’s not nasi lemak without the sweet and spicy sambal sauce.

Allergen information: “Nasi Lemak” Burger contains milk, egg, soybean, wheat, shellfish and gluten.

Banana Pie

Get your sweet and crispy fix with this pie filled with soft warm banana that’ll simply make you melt.

Allergen information: Banana Pie contains soybean and wheat.

Chendol McFlurry®

A creamy mix of gula melaka, soft-serve and sweet childhood memories. Not forgetting the green chendol jellies no one can outgrow.

Allergen information: Chendol McFlurry® contains milk and soybean.

Chendol Cones

They’re back! Go coconuts over our velvety Chendol soft-serve that will satisfy your local cravings. Get yours at the nearest Dessert Kiosk today.

Allergen information: Chendol Cone and Chendol Twist Cone contain milk, soybean, wheat and gluten.


Available after breakfast hours and while stocks last. Visuals are for illustration purposes only. Featured products may contain allergens.