Behold the yellow takeover at McDonald’s®!

Wherever the Minions are, mischief is sure to follow. These little yellow sidekicks have not only hit the big screen, but also found their way into our stores and turned some of your favourite vanilla-flavoured treats yellow!


Delight in a variety of hot and cold

Come feast your eyes and fill your stomach with mouth-watering delights – from the Banana Cone and Banana Oreo® McFlurry® to golden brown banana pie and the all-new, delicious Minion-shaped potatoes.

Sweet Treats

Come rain or shine, these “banana-fied” creations are here to help you stay cool and satisfy your dessert cravings. Enjoy your classic favourites with a twist – Vanilla’s out, Banana’s in!

Delicious Sidekicks

Introducing our crispy companions to complete your dining experience.

Delicious Sidekicks


Introducing our crispy companions to complete your dining experience.

Minion Potatoes

The tiny yellow henchmen have landed on your plate! These delightful mashed potato sides are fried to a perfect crisp on the outside, but soft at heart on the inside.

Spicy Chicken McNuggets®

Made from tender white chicken meat and seasoned with fiery spices, Spicy Chicken McNuggets® are ready to conquer your taste buds!

Allergen information: Contains wheat.

Banana Pie

Savour this delectable treat with warm banana bits wrapped in a crisp golden crust.

Allergen information: Contains soybeans and wheat.

Rise to the call of yellow

Yellow, it’s a good morning! Conquer the morning blues with a delicious start of Big Breakfast® and Hotcakes with Sausage.

Big Breakfast®

Freshly scrambled eggs set aside a sizzling sausage, perfectly crisp Hashbrowns and mouth-watering toasted muffins. What more could anyone ask for?

Hotcakes with Sausage

Jump-start the day with this classic sweet-and-savoury combo. Fluffy Hotcakes drizzled with syrup and served alongside a delicious chicken sausage.

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