Enjoy your favourite McCafé beverages, now at McDonald’s.

Your favourite McCafe® beverages are now here at McDonald’s®! Complement your meal with a cup of your favourite brew – hot, cold or ice blended. Made from 100% Arabica beans sourced specially from Brazil, El Salvador and Colombia


McCafé® Cappuccino

A refreshingly warm shot of espresso topped with milk that is steamed to a thick, perfect froth. A classic favourite.

Allergen information: McCafe® Cappuccino contains milk.

McCafé® Latte / Iced Latte

Have it warm – with velvety steamed milk gently poured into a lovingly brewed shot of dusky, aromatic arabica beans. Or have it chilled – it’s the perfect combination of espresso and milk swilled over ice.

Allergen information: McCafe® Latte / Iced Latte contains milk.

Mocha Frappé

The perfect mix of dark chocolate and espresso, blended with ice to smooth perfection. Topped with a dollop of whipped cream and just the right touch of chocolate drizzle.

Allergen information: Mocha Frappé contains milk.

Caramel Frappé

Caramel with a hint of coffee, refreshingly blended with ice. Topped with caramel drizzle and balanced with the mild touch of freshly whipped cream.

Allergen information: Caramel Frappé contains milk.


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