The Family’s Favourite Night

Gather the family for a great night in with everyone’s favourite bites, games and more!

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Happy Meal®

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Make Time for the Family’s Favourite Night!

It’s going to be a night of burgers and fries, laughs between bites and most importantly — family time! So gather the family, because everyone’s invited to a McDonald’s night in!

Bite-Sized Games

Get ready for a night of fun with the family with a series of games you can play as you feast on your McDonald’s Family Meal. Discover the games below or on our Instagram Highlights, @mcdsg!

Game 1:
Pick-Up Fries

Game 2:
Tasty Tic-Tac-Toe

Game 3:
Tummy Teasers

McPepper & Chicken McCrispy® Family Meal

The family’s in for a delicious night with the meal that’s got something for everyone!